Cat Litter Box Tray With Shovel Kitty Sifting Toilet Box S M L Semi-Enclosed Pet

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Package Included : 1x Cat Litter Tray Box ( with a shovel and a mat for free ! )


(1) Large size offer ample space for cat. Semi-closed design allow cats a big entry .

(2) High raised rim prevents litter scatter while cat can dig inside freely .

  (3) Removable rimmed lid is easy to install or remove for trouble free cleanup .

  (4) With cat litter shovel, making cleaning more convenient and timely. Suitable for animals such as cats and small dogs .



1. Spread a layer of 3-4cm thick cat litter in the cat litter box

2. Regularly clean the used cat litter to keep it clean and hygienic

3. If there are multiple cats in your house, the replacement cycle can be shortened proportionally, one cat is 15 days and two cats are 7 days

4. The used cat litter should be cleaned up in time




100% Brand New

Material : PP

Size :

Small Size : For cats under 3kg

Medium Size : For cats under 7.5kg

Laege Size : For cats under 10kg

Color : Pink /Blue/Grey


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.


6954739818099 Pink S
6954739818105 Blue S
6954739818112 grey S
6954739818129 Pink M
6954739818136 Blue M
6954739818143 grey M
6954739818150 Pink L
6954739818167 Blue L
6954739818174 grey L