Dog Bowknot Collar Leash Set with Rhinestone Adjustable Charming Puppy 120cm

SKU: KB054

Our Features: 



PERSONALITY: Charming crystal rhinestone dog collar with a cute bowknot makes a chic and fashion dog/cat.Personalize your pup with fashionable colors and mirror like metal hardware.

DURABLE AND ADJUSTABLE : Durable and heavy duty eco-friendly microfiber suede that give you the peace of mind your pet won't slip out of their collar. Adjustable neck size ensures a perfect fit for your furry friends.

STRONG D RING : Strong D-ring for leash attachment and daily training.

TIPS: Please measure your pets before purchase and you will receive a collar fits him/her well.



DURABLE : Made of High quality microfiber suede, 120cm length, 1.5cm width .

TANGLE-FREE BUCKLE : Tangle-free buckle for harness and collars attachment .

CHARMING : Shing rhinestone dog leash makes a chic and fashion dog/cat.

COMFORTABLE : Soft material offers extra comfortability to your hand.

TIPS: Please take off the leash/leads when you are not walking your pets.


Please refer to our specifications before buying :

Condition: 100% Brand New

Package Content: 1 x Dog Collar

Collar Size:


Neck size:15-21cm; Collar width1.5cm

Neck size:20-26cm; Collar width1.5cm


Neck size:26-32cm; Collar width1.5cm

Neck size:32-38cm; Collar width2.0cm

Neck size:37-45cm; Collar width2.5cm

Neck size:39-49cm; Collar width3.0cm

Neck size:42-52cm; Collar width3.0cm

Leash Size : Length 120cm; Width 1.5cm 

Color : Black/Red as your choice

Material: Microfiber suede+Rhinestone


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.




Neck size: 15-21cm&Leash 120cm Red KB054
Neck size: 20-26cm&Leash 120cm Red KB055
Neck size: 26-32cm&Leash 120cm Red KB057
Neck size: 32-38cm&Leash 120cm Red KB059
Neck size: 37-45cm&Leash 120cm Red KB061
Neck size: 39-49cm&Leash 120cm Red KB063
Neck size: 42-52cm&Leash 120cm Red KB065
Neck size: 20-26cm&Leash 120cm Black KB056
Neck size: 26-32cm&Leash 120cm Black KB058
Neck size: 32-38cm&Leash 120cm Black KB060
Neck size: 37-45cm&Leash 120cm Black KB062
Neck size: 39-49cm&Leash 120cm Black KB064
Neck size: 42-52cm&Leash 120cm Black KB066