Indoor Dog Potty Toilet Grass Tray Pads Training Puppy Mat Portable Pet Loo Pad

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Ideal for small or medium sized pets !

This Synthetic Grass Pee Turf w/ Drawer is designed to accommodate to potty training needs of puppies, along with the needs of small to medium sized pets that are unable to make it outside for any reason.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Dogs have the natural instinct to do their business on grass. With this very realistic imitation you will have little to no training needed for your dog to use it! This portable pet loo with drawer allows your cat or dog to have an acceptable place to relieve themselves, which ensures a cleaner house, apartment, or patio .




CONVENIENT – Acting as a lightweight, non-toxic, portable bathroom in a box, the ondoing pet toilet can be used indoors and outdoors to best suit every pet’s needs. Easy to clean and store. 

SLEEK DESIGN – Featuring synthetic grass, the PetSafe Pet Loo brings the practicality of a traditional Pet toilet or Potty with the Natural look and feel of the outdoors to the comfort of your own home, in a way your Pets will quickly love.

FREEDOM – This pet potty allows your Pets to have their bathroom breaks without supervision, giving them independence to use their Potty in a way that feels natural

EASY TO CLEAN — Removable container for easy cleanup. Reusable surface stays fresh and sanitary. Great for house training and indoor bathroom use. Dimensions: Total approx. 64cm(L) x 51cm (W) x 6.4 cm(H)— (25×20×2.5in) ,single grass mat size 58.5 x 46 x 1cm .

3-PIECE PET TOILET MAT : Waste tray: collects urine; keeps grass mat dry. Grid tray: drains grass mat, keeping it away from urine. Grass Mat: non-toxic removable synthetic grass; looks and feels real.




Package List : 1x Waste Tray+ 1x Grid Tray +1x Grass Mat



Condition: 100% Brand New

Material : Grass mat : PE material, resistant to fall , Plastic tray: PP material


Total approx. 64cm(L) x 51cm (W) x 6.4 cm(H)— (25×20×2.5in)

Single grass mat size 58.5x46x1cm .

Color : As the picture show


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.






Dog toilet training method:


1. For new adopted dogs:


a. If you have just brought a puppy to your home, you should first tell him the location of the toilet. Puppies tend to defecate easily after waking up, playing, and after meals.

b. When you find that your pet suddenly puts its nose on the ground and sniffs or turns around tense places, this is a precursor to the puppy's defecation. At this time, you should tell them where to poop in time. It should be noted that the position of the dog's bowel movement is very important for future training.

c. If you don't have enough time to observe and supervise your dog, you can put it in the place where you plan to place the dog toilet in the future and use a fence to prevent it from running around in the room. The shape of this restricted area must be rectangular, with a size of approximately 60cm×200cm with a water basin at one end and a dog toilet at the other. Spread newspapers on the side of the dog, and put newspapers in the dog potty .

d. Gradually reduce the scope of newspapers until all newspapers on the ground are removed, but newspapers are left in the dog toilet. When you are sure that your dog has become accustomed to using the dog toilet, you can no longer put newspapers on the dog toilet, which makes it easier to clean.


2. For the dogs that have been bred:


a. If your dog has been able to get used to using newspapers or other methods. You can quickly learn to use the dog toilet. Put the dog toilet in the place where your dog usually poops. Then cover the dog toilet with newspaper. Put a paper towel dipped in dog urine (if it’s a neighbor’s dog urine, the effect will be even better.) Put it under the dog fence. Let it know that this new thing is related to defecation.

b. For the timid dog, don't rush to let your pet accept it immediately. You can first place the dog toilet next to its usual defecation position, and after it gradually eliminates its guard against the dog toilet, place the dog toilet in its usual defecation position, and spread the things it usually uses on it. When you are sure he has become accustomed to using the dog latrine before removing the newspaper, which makes it easier to clean up.


Attention :


       There are differences in puppies between different breeds and individuals in their personality characteristics and their accepting ability. Generally smaller dogs are also less courageous, and they tend to be wary of changes in their surroundings. Try not to reprimand or punish it during training. This often confuses it and makes training more effective.


       During the training, your dog may poop outside the kennel. This is normal. Beating and scolding will make it think that the defecation itself is wrong, not the wrong position. It may even make your pet be afraid to poop in front of you . Also don't  put it on the kennel to defecate when or after the accusation.


       Puppies under three months of age have poor self-control, and more stamina must be given. If your dog has been more than six months old and cannot defecate at a fixed point, please refer to point C of the training method. Let your dog associate defecation with the dog toilet. To make it feel that it will be rewarded for defecation on the dog toilet, make sure that your dog is used to the position and smell. Please don't change the position of the dog toilet easily before it is completely used to using the dog toilet. Otherwise, all previous efforts may be lost. Don’t forget to give rewards every time your dog uses the dog toilet successfully.