Pet Disposable Diapers Dog Puppy Nappy Hygienic Male Female Wraps Toilet Trainer

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Disposable diapers are the ultimate product for eliminating messes associated with females in season, untrained puppies, excitable urination and incontinence.

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers have a leak-proof fit that gives your dog freedom of movement without compromising on security. 

Your female dog will be relaxed and mess-free with the superior mobility of these diapers. 

Note: Please do not flush diapers down the toilet

100% Brand New

Material : Composite base film, velcro, velcro, three-dimensional protective enclosure, absorbent polymer SAP

Size : 

Male XS:waist 10cm-28cm 

Female XS :  waist 20cm-25cm  


Male S:waist 17.5cm-42.5cm , pets 2-4kg

Female S : waist 27.5cm-37cm , pets 2-4kg


Male M:waist 20cm-45cm  

Female M :  waist 28cm-45cm  


Male L:waist 22cm-55cm  

Female L :  waist 30cm-48cm  


Male XL:waist 24cm-75cm  

Female XL :  waist 35cm-55cm  



6954739819201 male XS -12pcs
6954739819218 female XS-12pcs
6954739818761 male S-12pcs
6954739818778 female S-12pcs
6954739819225 male M-12pcs
6954739819232 female M-12pcs
6954739819249 male L-12pcs
6954739819256 female L-12pcs
6954739819263 male XL-12pcs
6954739819270 female XL-12pcs