Pet Dog Elizabethan Collar Adjustable Cone Wound Recovery Healing Cat E-collar

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 The Most Cute Adjustable Neck Cone for Your Lovely Pets 

Create Stunning Photos, and Elevate Your Social Influence !




GOOD FOR HEALTH : Pet cone collar is a safe and good method of preventing your pet from aggravating a healing wound or injury. Helps to overcome lick-bite, Itch-scratch cycle.

BREATHABLE AND ADJUSTABLE Pets rest more easily and lay their head comfortably in any position. Soft, breathable, lightweight durable and washableScratch&Bite-resistant. Velcro closures designed for size adjustment and easy putting on or taking off.

EASY TO WEAR : Padded on the inside edge, for extra comfort and protection.Doesn’t interfere with visibility or ability to eat and drink. Unique button closures easy to tighten or loosen.

MULTIFUNCTION : Ending self-Inflicted wound aggravation or mutilation, prevent your pet bite others in the dermatology / Beauty / surgical procedure. Suitable for cats, puppies and small dogs, like Teddy, Poodle, Corgi and so on.

CUTE COSTUME : Great for photo shoots, fun party days, or for Halloween or Christmas gatherings, this little headgear takes funny cat pictures to a new level. Cute shape adds more fun to your lovely pets and life.



Size: please measure your pets and refer to our sizes before purchase.

1.Don't choose size based on your previous purchase.

2.Measure his/her neck girth.



100% Brand New

Material: EVA Material

Size :

S : Neck circumference : 18-20cm , Depth : 10.5cm

M : Neck circumference : 20-23cm , Depth : 12.5cm

L : Neck circumference : 24-30cm , Depth : 13.8cm

XL : Neck circumference : 31-38cm , Depth : 16cm

Color : Pink/Blue/Yellow as your choice


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.


Package Included: 1 x Elizabethan Collar



6954739818358 pink S
6954739818372 blue S
6954739818389 yellow S
6954739818396 pink M
6954739818402 blue M
6954739818419 yellow M
6954739818426 pink L
6954739818433 blue L
6954739818440 yellow L
6954739818457 pink XL
6954739818464 blue XL
6954739818471 yellow XL