100Pcs Puppy Pee Pad Diaper Pet Toilet Indoor Potty Dog Cat Training Pad 60X45CM

SKU: 6954739793174-Hebe

Product name: Puppy Pee Pad Diaper

Size:24 x 18in

Material: non-woven fabric/carbon fiber/SPA/raw wood pulp/paper/PE sheeting


SUPER ABSORBENT: Each pad measures 24 x 18 inches and features super absorbent 6 layers.
COMFORTABLE: The SPA layer which turns liquid to gel upon contact and the quick-dry surface offer extra comfortability to your pets.
LEAK PROOF:  Leak proof lining and PE backing help to protect your floor and make it easy for you to deal with the pad.
ACTIVATED CARBON FIBER: Activated carbon fiber absorbs odor and pet urine. Grey pad keeps yellow spots away.
ESSENTIAL PET SUPPLY: Pack of 100 dog pads,odor control. Essential pet daily supplies for training dogs/puppies and assisting with aging dogs.