2/3 Way Dog Leash Pet Lead Adjustable Dogs Walking No Tangle Training Reflective

SKU: 6954739799541-AU

Double dog leash helps you walk and control 2/3 dogs with one hand while maintaining safe control over both!

WHY USE 2/3 LEASHES AND BOTH HANDS ? Enjoy the most convenient and comfortable way to walk 2/3 dogs with the adjustable reflective double dog leash.
TANGLE FREE : Never worry about your dogs getting tangled with our innovative tangle-free swivel piece. Our leash rotates freely keeping your dogs comfortable no matter how wild and adventurous.
ADJUSTABLE AND DURABLE : Buckles on both sides for length adjustment.Made mainly with heavy duty nylon fabric and strong metal to ensure the safety and comfort of your dogs.
REFLECTIVE STITCHING : To keep you and your dogs safe when the sun goes down, we have added reflective thread stitching along the product.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Package Content: 1 x 2/3 Way Dog Leash as your choice
Size: Total length 100cm/150cm (50cm each side)
Color : Rose/Yellow/Blue/Black/Green/Orange as your choice
Material: Eco-friendly Nylon

Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.


1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow 0.5-1 cm differences due to manual measurement.
3. Thank you for your kindly understanding.




Double leash S: 1cm Rose 6954739799541-AU
Double leash S: 1cm Yellow 6954739799558-AU
Double leash S: 1cm Blue 6954739799565-AU
Double leash S: 1cm Black 6954739799572-AU
Double leash S: 1cm Green 6954739799589-AU
Double leash S: 1cm Orange 3.23565E+14
Double leash M: 2cm Rose 6954739777488-AU
Double leash M: 2cm Yellow 6954739777471-AU
Double leash M: 2cm Blue 6954739777501-AU
Double leash M: 2cm Black 6954739777495-AU
Double leash M: 2cm Green 6954739777990-AU
Double leash M: 2cm Orange 6954739806287-AU
Double leash L: 2.5cm Rose 6954739779093-AU
Double leash L: 2.5cm Yellow 6954739779086-AU
Double leash L: 2.5cm Blue 6954739779062-AU
Double leash L: 2.5cm Black 6954739779055-AU
Double leash L: 2.5cm Green 6954739779079-AU
Double leash L: 2.5cm Orange 6954739806294-AU
Triple leash S: 1cm Rose 333331
Triple leash S: 1cm Yellow 333332
Triple leash S: 1cm Blue 333333
Triple leash S: 1cm Black 333334
Triple leash S: 1cm Green 333335
Triple leash S: 1cm Orange 333336
Triple leash M: 2cm Rose 333337
Triple leash M: 2cm Yellow 333338
Triple leash M: 2cm Blue 333339
Triple leash M: 2cm Black 333340
Triple leash M: 2cm Green 333341
Triple leash M: 2cm Orange 333342
Triple leash L: 2.5cm Rose 333343
Triple leash L: 2.5cm Yellow 333344
Triple leash L: 2.5cm Blue 333345
Triple leash L: 2.5cm Black 333346
Triple leash L: 2.5cm Green 333347
Triple leash L: 2.5cm Orange 333348