Adjustable Nylon Dog Muzzles Pet Mouth Cover Muzzle Breathable Barking Bite Chew

Type: Pet Training
SKU: 6954739811311


ANTI-BARKING SECURE MUZZLE : Designed to prevents dog from barking biting, this muzzle is a humane choice for preventing unwanted biting or chewing. Ideal for Vet Visits, Grooming and Outdoor Walking, Not suitable for Short Nose Dog and Aggressive Dogs .

SAFE & COMFORTA muzzle should never be painful! Our soft nylon material keeps your pals snout healthy and happy by eliminating chafing and hot spots .

ADJUSTABLE & BREATHABLE : Your dog's muzzle can also be adjusted using the straps for the best fit. Keep the muzzle tight enough to control his bite, but loose enough to allow freedom to pant, yawn and open his tongue .

ESSENTIAL DOG SUPPLY : Pet Muzzle is highly recommended for visits to groomer and vets.

TIPS: Dogs need freedom and happiness, please do not put the muzzle on them all day long. 



100% Brand New

Material: High Quality Nylon , Thicken Cotton , Oxford Cloth

Size :

Muzzle S : Snout circumference 14-19cm, head circumference 31-38cm , strap width 1.5cm

Muzzle M : Snout circumference 17-25cm, head circumference 34-45cm , strap width 1.5cm

Muzzle L : Snout circumference 26-32cm, head circumference 44-59cm , strap width 1.5cm

Muzzle XL : Snout circumference 31-41cm, head circumference 48-68cm , strap width 1.5cm

30cm Leash : 30cm x 2.5 cm ( length * width )

60cm Leash : 60cm x 2.5 cm ( length * width )

Color : As your choice , the logo of the leash label is random too


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.


Package Included: 1 x Dog Muzzle/1 x Dog Muzzle+30cm Leash/1 x Dog Muzzle+60cm Leash as your choice


6954739811311 black S
6954739811304 green S
6954739786503 pink S
6954739786497 yellow S
6954739811335 black M
6954739811328 green M
6954739786527 pink M
6954739786510 yellow M
6954739811359 black L
6954739811342 green L
6954739786480 pink L
6954739786473 yellow L
6954739818624 black XL
6954739818631 green XL
6954739818648 pink XL
6954739818655 yellow XL