Dog Collar Cat Necklace Rhinestone Crystal Soft Adjustable XXS--XXL 7 Sizes

Type: Pet collar
SKU: 6954739796601

Dog Collar Cat Necklace Rhinestone Crystal Soft Adjustable XXS--XXL 7 Sizes - Neck size:16-22cm / Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Product name: Rhinestone Crystal Pet Collar 
Dimensions: Neck size:16-22cm; Collar width1.5cm / Neck size:21-27cm; Collar width1.5cm
                      Neck size:27-33cm; Collar width1.5cm/ Neck size:33-39cm; Collar width2.0cm
                       Neck size:38-46cm; Collar width2.5cm/ Neck size:41-51cm; Collar width3.0cm 
                       Neck size:46-56cm; Collar width3.0cm

Material: Microfiber suede


CHARMING: Diamante crystal rhinestone dog collar makes a chic and fashion dog/cat.
ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable neck size ensures a perfect fit for your furry friends.7 sizes available for all breeds.
COMFORTABLE: Soft material offers extra comfortability to your pets on various occasions
STRONG D-RING: Strong D-ring for leash and ID-tags attachment .
TIPS: Please measure your pets before purchase and you will receive a collar fits him/her well.



6954739796601 Black Neck size:16-22cm
6954739796618 Red Neck size:16-22cm
6954739796625 Black Neck size:21-27cm
6954739796632 Red Neck size:21-27cm
6954739796649 Black Neck size:27-33cm
6954739796656 Red Neck size:27-33cm
6954739796663 Black Neck size:33-39cm
6954739796670 Red Neck size:33-39cm
6954739796687 Black Neck size:38-46cm
6954739796694 Red Neck size:38-46cm
6954739796700 Black Neck size:41-51cm
6954739796717 Red Neck size:41-51cm
6954739796724 Black Neck size:46-56cm
6954739796731 Red Neck size:46-56cm