Dog Hygiene Diapers Washable Reusable Nappy Pants Sanitary Shorts Heat Panties

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Product name: Dog Hygiene Diapers
DimensionsS: waist girth 30-42cm / M: waist girth 34-50cm
                        L: waist girth 38-54cm/ XL: waist girth 46-66cm

: breathable mesh 

FUNCTIONAL: Suitable for daily use, especially for female dogs in menses/heat period.
BENIFITS: Keeps your sofa, floor, rug and car clean.
FULL PROTECTION:Prevents bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from entering pet’s body and cause infection and disease.
COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: soft and breathable Air Mesh, Padded edge, and adjustable Velcro closure.
EASY TO CLEAN: Machine or hand washing. Quick drying.
6954739797271 Blue S: waist girth 30-42cm
6954739797288 Blue M: waist girth 34-50cm
6954739797295 Blue L: waist girth 38-54cm
6954739797301 Blue XL: waist girth 46-66cm
6954739797318 Green S: waist girth 30-42cm
6954739797325 Green M: waist girth 34-50cm
6954739797332 Green L: waist girth 38-54cm
6954739797349 Green XL: waist girth 46-66cm
6954739797356 Pink S: waist girth 30-42cm
6954739797363 Pink M: waist girth 34-50cm
6954739797370 Pink L: waist girth 38-54cm
6954739797387 Pink XL: waist girth 46-66cm