Dog Muzzles Pet Mouth Cover Guard Breathable Muzzle Barking Bite Chew Adjustable

Type: Pet Training
SKU: 6954739816699
Our Features :

BREATHABLE : Made of Sandwish Mesh Cloth and nylon,the muzzle is breathable and soft to touch, and it can be widened or narrowed if needed. Comfortable sheath-style cloth safety muzzle designed to fit average-snouted dogs.

SECURE AND ADJUSTABLE : Adjustable neck strap allows you to quickly adjust fit size for your dog. Ergonomically designed safety strapping. Add two fingers, then measure around end of snout just above nostrils, and measure top of snout about 1/2" below eyes. The extra space is vital for your pet's safety and comfort.

FUNCTIONAL : The dog mouth cover can be used to stop and reduce barking, biting, chewing.It can help to prevent dog from eating dirty things on the road too. It is safer at night with reflective strips .

ESSENTIAL DOG SUPPLY : Pet Muzzle is highly recommended for visits to groomer and vets.

TIPS: Dogs need freedom and happiness, please do not put the muzzle on them all day long.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Package Content: 1 x Dog Muzzle/1 x Dog Muzzle&Collar&Leash Set

Muzzle Size:

S : Mouth Circumference : 14-18cm ,Head Circumference : 24-32cm,Upper Length: 5cm , Down Length: 8cm, Width:1cm

M : Mouth Circumference : 18-24cm ,Head Circumference : 32-43cm,Upper Length: 6cm , Down Length: 9cm, Width:2cm

L: Mouth Circumference : 22-28cm ,Head Circumference : 36-48cm,Upper Length: 7cm , Down Length: 11cm, Width:2cm

XL :  Mouth Circumference : 27-32cm ,Head Circumference : 46-58cm,Upper Length: 7cm , Down Length: 11cm, Width:2cm

Collar Size:

XS: neck size 25-34cm x2cm

S: neck size 25-37cm x2cm

M: neck size 28-40cm x2cm

L: neck size 36-48cm x2.5cm

XL: neck size 39-53cmx2.5cm

Leash Size: 30cm/60cm x 2.5 cm ( length * width )

Color : As the picture show

Material: Sandwish Mesh Cloth , Nylon


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.


6954739816699 yellow S
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