Dog Raincoat Puppy Clothes Pet Rain Jacket Reflective Waterproof Hooded Dog Coat

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Product name: Dog Raincoat Puppy Clothes

Material: polypropylene fiber + waterproof TPU  

Lightweight, breathable, durable, packable and water resistant TPU shell.
Keeps your pet dry and comfortable in wet weather/rainy days. 
Has reflective strips on it. Provides extra visibility in the rain/at night/in the dark.
Tuck it into a convenient pouch, so you can carry it around.
Kindly see dimensions at Product Description section. Please measure your pet before purchase.
6954739793624 Black S  Neck 34cm;Chest 44cm
6954739793631 Black M  Neck 38cm;Chest 50cm
6954739793648 Black L   Neck  38cm;Chest 54cm
6954739793655 Black XL  Neck  45cm;Chest  60cm
6954739793662 Black XXL  Neck 50cm;Chest  81cm
6954739793679 Black XXXL  Neck  55cm;Chest  91cm
6954739793686 Blue S  Neck 34cm;Chest 44cm
6954739793693 Blue M  Neck 38cm;Chest 50cm
6954739793709 Blue L   Neck  38cm;Chest 54cm
6954739793716 Blue XL  Neck  45cm;Chest  60cm
6954739793723 Blue XXL  Neck 50cm;Chest  81cm
6954739793730 Blue XXXL  Neck  55cm;Chest  91cm
6954739793747 Green S  Neck 34cm;Chest 44cm
6954739793754 Green M  Neck 38cm;Chest 50cm
6954739793761 Green L   Neck  38cm;Chest 54cm
6954739793778 Green XL  Neck  45cm;Chest  60cm
6954739793785 Green XXL  Neck 50cm;Chest  81cm