Foldable Pet Carrier Bag Soft Dog Crate Bed Cage Kennel Tent Indoor Outdoor Car

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Even if your pet is a cuddler, he needs a bit of space and privacy – which can be something of a problem when you take your companion on the road.

That's why the Ondoing Pet Kennel is built to offer just the right amount of space for your furry friend, with plenty of convenient features for good-ol’-human you. ined. All in all, it’s home away from home for your favorite pet!


MULTI-USE : Soft pet indoor/outdoor crate, 2 mesh windows with curtain, large mesh opening. Suitable for car back seats and boot.Can be used as pet transport cage ,indoor and outdoor dog/cat kennel.

WEAR RESISTANT: Made with heavy duty oxford cloth and scratchproof mesh fabric.

FOLDABLE AND DURABLE : This cat carrier is made of durable, lightweight oxford fabric. Collapsible steel wire frame for easy carrying and storage.

EASIER TO GET PET IN OR OUT : Three Large mesh openings make it easier to load your pets into the carrier. Mesh window with curtain for different seasons and needs.

EASY CLEAN: Wipe it with a sponge or damp cloth.The cover can be removed from the steel to be washed.

MULTICHOICE: Dark Green or Brown color and 4 sizes for pet between 25-40kg as your choice.



Condition: 100% Brand New

Package Content: 1 x Pet Soft Crate


50*34*34CM,(19.6*13.3*13.3 in) ; Suitable for pets under 10KG. 
60*42*42CM,(23.6*16.5*16.5 in) ; Suitable for pets under 15KG.
70*52*52CM,(27.5*20.5*20.5 in) ; Suitable for pets under 22.5KG.
82*58*58CM,(32.3*22.8*22.8 in) ; Suitable for pets under 30KG.
95*65*65CM,(37.4*25.6*25.6 in) ; Suitable for pets under 40KG.
102X68X69CM,(39.7*26.5*26.9in) ; Suitable for pets under 42KG.

Color: Dark Green/Brown/Grey/Royal Blue/Khaki Green Black as your choice

Material: heavy duty oxford cloth + steel


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.

Attention Buyers:

About 90% of the returns are because of purchasing the wrong sized crates. To avoid having to return the crate, please measure your dog and make sure that the size of crate is not too small for him/her.


1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow 0.5-1 cm differences due to manual measurement.
3. Thank you for your kindly understanding.
Grey 2 6954739820559 B20007D_92
Grey 2 6954739820542 B20007D_82
Grey 2 6954739820535 B20007D_70
Grey 2 6954739820528 B20007D_60
Grey 2 6954739820511 B20007D_50
6954739820467 Khaki 50*34*34cm
6954739820474 Khaki 60*42*42cm
6954739820481 Khaki 70*52*52cm
6954739820498 Khaki 82*58*58cm
6954739820504 Khaki


6954739816842 grey 50*34*34cm
6954739810208 grey 60*42*42cm
6954739810215 grey 70*52*52cm
6954739810222 grey 82*58*58cm
6954739810239 grey 95*65*65cm
6954739816828 Green black 50*34*34cm
6954739816835 Coffee
6954739789917 Green black 60*42*42cm
6954739789924 Coffee
6954739789931 Green black 70*52*52cm
6954739789948 Coffee
6954739789955 Green black 82*58*58cm
6954739789962 Coffee
6954739789979 Green black 92*65*65cm