Pet E-Collar Cone Mesh Recovery Collar for Dogs Cats Anti-Biting Licking

SKU: 6954739786077

Soft, breathable, lightweight durable and washable; Scratch&Bite-resistant.
Great for recovery from injuries, rashes and post surgery. Works great for both cats and dogs.
Doesn’t interfere with visibility or ability to eat and drink; Will not mark or scrape furniture or floor.


6954739786077  Blue S:neck  19-22cm   
6954739786084  Pink
6954739786091  Green
6954739786107  Yellow
6954739786114  Blue M:neck  25-28cm   
6954739786121  Pink
6954739786138  Yellow
6954739786145  Green
6954739786152  Blue L:neck  38-40cm  
6954739786169  Pink
6954739786176  Green
6954739786183  Yellow
6954739786190  Blue XL:neck  40-44cm   
6954739786206  Pink
6954739786213  Yellow
6954739786220  Green

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