Dog Leash Lead Heavy Duty Nylon Soft Handle Training Leash Medium Large Dogs

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Product name:  Heavy Duty Nylon Soft Handle Training Leash
 Dimensions:  Length 120cm,width 2.0cm/Length 120cm,width 2.5cm
Material: nylon
HEAVY DUTY: Made of durable and high quality nylon, perfect for training, walking, traveling with pets.
COMFORTABLE: Soft handle offers extra comfortability to your hand.
TANGLE-FREE BUCKLE: Tangle-free buckle for harness and collars attachment . 
SMALL POCKET: Small pocket for keys, trash bags, snacks and other small belongings.
TIPS: Please take off the leash/leads when you are not walking your pets.
6954739780358 Camo green  M:2.0* 120cm
6954739780372 Camo purple M:2.0* 120cm
6954739780396 Camo blue M:2.0* 120cm
6954739780419 Camo pink M:2.0* 120cm
6954739780440 Camo green  L:2.5* 120cm
6954739780464 Camo purple L:2.5* 120cm
6954739780488 Camo blue L:2.5* 120cm
6954739780501 Camo pink L:2.5* 120cm