Adjustable Dog Harness Pet Cat Strong Vest Double Layer StrapWith Handle Outdoor

SKU: 6954739786749

Adjustable Dog Harness Pet Cat Strong Vest Double Layer StrapWith Handle Outdoor - Chest 30-42cm / Yellow is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Product name: Adjustable Dog Harness

Package include:
1  x  pet harness 

Material:  high quality dacron

Product Features

HEAVY DUTY: Made of durable and strong dacron, perfect for all dog breeds.
ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable straps and five sizes available to ensure a perfect fit.
EASY TO WEAR: Quick release buckle for easy putting on and taking off.
DURABLE D-RING: Durable D-ring on the back for leash attachment.
TIPS: Please take off the harness when you are not walking your pets.

Size:please measure your pets and refer to our sizes before purchase. 

Chest 30-42cm/ Chest 40-46cm/ Chest 44-58cm/ Chest 56-70cm/ Chest 69-82cm

Steps needed before placing your order.

1.Don't choose size based on your previous purchase.
2.Measure his/her chest girth.
3.Choose the larger size if your pets' measurements are between sizes.
(To avoid being too tight and allow growth.)
Now choose the wonderful harness and enjoy walking with your lovely pets.
Chest 30-42cm Yellow 6954739786749
Chest 30-42cm Red 6954739786732
Chest 30-42cm Black 6954739786725
Chest 40-46cm Yellow 6954739786770
Chest 40-46cm Red 6954739786763
Chest 40-46cm Black 6954739786756
Chest 44-58cm Yellow 6954739786800
Chest 44-58cm Red 6954739786794
Chest 44-58cm Black 6954739786787
Chest 56-70cm Yellow 6954739786831
Chest 56-70cm Red 6954739786824
Chest 56-70cm Black 6954739786817
Chest 69-82cm Yellow 6954739786862
Chest 69-82cm Red 6954739786855
Chest 69-82cm Black 6954739786848