Pet Dog Cat Elizabethan Collar Adjustable Cone Mesh Recovery Multicolor

SKU: 6954739821105

GOOD FOR HEALTH: Great for cats and small dogs recovering from surgery,injuries or rashes. Can be used for Anti-licking/anti-scratching/pet medical/pet grooming.

BREATHABLE AND ADJUSTABLE Pets rest more easily and lay their head comfortably in any position. Soft, breathable, lightweight durable and washable,Scratch&Bite-resistant. Drawstring designed for size adjustment and easy putting on or taking off.

EASY TO WEAR: Padded on the inside edge, for extra comfort and protection.Doesn’t interfere with visibility or ability to eat and drink; Will not mark or scrape furniture or floor.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Package Content: 1 x Elizabethan Collar


S: Neck: 15-22cm (5.9-8.6in) ; Depth 11cm  (4.3in)

M: Neck: 21-29cm (8.2-11.4in)  ; Depth 13cm  (5.1in)

L: Neck: 28-40cm (11-15.7in)  ; Depth 15cm  (5.9in)

XL: Neck: 35-50cm (13.7-19.6in) ; Depth 19cm  (7.4in)

Color : Green/Rose Red/Yellow/Blue/Black as your choice

Material: Mesh fabric ,Spone , EVA



6954739821181 Yellow L
6954739821198 Green L
6954739821204 Pink L
6954739821211 Blue L
6954739821143 Yellow M
6954739821150 Green M
6954739821167 Pink M
6954739821174 Blue M
6954739821105 Yellow S
6954739821112 Green S
6954739821129 Pink S
6954739821136 Blue S
6954739821228 Yellow XL
6954739821235 Green XL
6954739821242 Pink XL
6954739821259 Blue XL