Pet Dog Training Clickers Whistle with Wrist Strap Puppy Cats Birds Keychain

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Type: Pet Training
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Get a great tool to teach your dog obedience and enjoy watching him learn basic skills !

Control your dog wherever and whenever he acts up, or misbehaves, without the necessity of expensive and even painful methods.


MULTIFUNCTION: Can be used to train the dog basic obedience, small trick, and correct the bad behavior; Scientific method of training your pet safely and easily. Not only train the dogs, but also the cats, birds, horses . Must-have training tool for sound-sensitive pets.

EASY TO USE: Big button for easy clicking and loud sound. Easy to use in any position.These training clickers are designed to fit your hand and each comes with a wristband for your convenience.


1. Issued a password to the dog, such as lay down, play dead, pick Frisbee, jump through hoops, etc.
2. Waiting for Dog to make right moves
3. Click
4. Treat dog, such as food

Specifications  :

Condition: 100% Brand New

Size: 6.5x6.5cm. Can be used to train pet’s basic obedience and correct bad behavior

Color : Black

Material: Plastic


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.


1. Always train in an area without noisy and distractions.

2. Reward your pets' positive behavior.

3. The best time to start training: After 3 months old, the younger the better.

4. You have to be patient.(Your insistence is the most important, no matter what kind of training, your insistence is the most important).

5. Training action should be consistent while clicker training your pet of one behavior.