Silver Dog Collar Chain Pet Choker 304 Stainless Steel Training Collars Metal

SKU: 6954739819294

PROFESSIONAL: Recommended for professional training,training your dog is easy with our chain training collar .

5 SIZES: Measure dog's neck and add 2 inches for initial collar length for Adjustment.

HIGH QUALITY : The heavy chain collar is made of 304 stainless steel/SUS304 for maximum strength and durability. High-quality stainless steel, each ring has been cut and polished, the welds are firm and strong, and the overall shape is not easy to pinch.

EASY TO USE:  No tarnish, rust, or break,dog training choke/collar is excellent for gentle control, great for German shepherd collar, frenchie dog collar , golden retriever dog collar , pomeranian dog collar , achshund dog collar, great dane collar , poodle collar , hipidog collar , husky dog collar , corgi dog collar , rottweiler collar, labrador dog collar ,etc.






Condition: 100% Brand New

Package Content: 1 x pet collar chain






Size Guide: For choke collars, measure the circumference of pet’s neck and add 2"–3"

Color : Silver

Material: 304 Stainless Steel


Note: Please place this Product in the Air at least 24H after unpacking.




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