Dual Dog Leash 2 Way Pet Lead Double Dog Coupler No Tangle Heavy Duty Metal Lead

SKU: 6954739797998
Product name: Metal dual dog leash

diameter 2.5cm; length 40cm each side

diameter 3.0cm; length 50cm each side

diameter 3.5cm; length 60cm each side

diameter 4.0cm; length 70cm each side

Material: metal

SCRATCH-PROOF: Chrome-plated material, scratch-proof and hair free.
HEAVY DUTY: Made of durable and high quality metal, perfect for walking, traveling with pets.
TANGLE FREE: Swivel clasps keep your dogs from getting tangled up and meanwhile allow them to move freely.
FOR TWO DOGS: We know the pull of two dogs so we use special craft to ensure safety of walking two dogs together. 
STRONG O-RING: Strong o-ring on the leash for you to attach short leash, retractable
lead and other leashes. 

TIPS: Please take off the leash/leads when you are not walking your pets.



6954739797998 2.5mm*40cm
6954739798001 3.0mm*50cm
6954739798018 3.5mm*60cm
6954739798025 4.0mm*70cm